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Some Lifestyle advice

Eating Habits
Take smaller portions at a time (consider using smaller container)
Do not skip major meals
Avoid snacks between meals
Take small bites and savor each bite
Maintain daily food intake record
Stop eating immediately when you feel full. Do not insist on finishing off the plate’s contents.
Check the label of the food packet for calories and other nutrients content

Increase in daily physical activity

Do not sit at one place for more than half an hour.
Commit to a schedule of moderate aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking or cycling, for 30 minutes, five days a week
Commit to a schedule of strength training 3 times a week
Increase physical activity in routine life too, e.g.
• Parking away from residence/workplace and walking up the remaining path
• Use public transport whenever possible
• Play a sport/ hobby like badminton, football, dancing, gardening
• Playing sports in a/c environs if outdoor weather doesn’t allow e.g. in a gym, fitness video games

Suggested food items
Try to consume 50% of food that consists of fruits and salads
The remaining 50% should have half proteins and half unrefined carbohydrates + fat (Try to minimize fat consumption)
Try to stop sugar intake as food item

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Some Lifestyle advice:
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