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National TB Elimination Program (NTEP) - FAQs

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Why the name change from RNTCP to NTEP?
What are the newer initiatives and strategies?
What is 'Peripheral Health Institution (PHI)' under NTEP?
Describe the flow of patient management from referral to PHI onwards.
what are the treatment categories under NTEP?
What is 'Nikshay"?
What is 'Nikshay Poshan Yojna'?
What is pharmacovigilance and why is it important under NTEP?
Information about newer drugs for treatment of TB .
Treatment regimen for drug sensitive TB
Treatment regimen for drug resistant TB
Benefits for patients and caregivers under NTEP
How are private practitioners and pharmacists involved in NTEP?
What is NAAT, LPA, LC and DST in NTEP?
What is Nishay Mitra?