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Female Condom

Method of use
• To be worn by the female before the intercourse
• The smaller closed end ring fits on cervix and the larger outer ring remains outside vagina
No lubrication is required as it is prelubricated with silicon.8
What is its failure rate?
Ranges from 5 to 21 pregnancies per HWY.9
• Provides some protection from STD/HIV also
• No systemic side effects
• Empowers women to protect herself against STD/HIV and conception
• Expensive
• Needs action just before coitus
• Need for privacy for insertion
• High failure rate as a contraceptive6,9,10
Is it in use under any National program?
Its use is currently promoted under National AIDS Control Program.
Who are encouraged to use female condom under the program?
• Female sex workers
• Men having sex with men (MSM)

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